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West Fork, AR

The View from the Bluff


I live in the small town of West Fork, Arkansas. It is a nice bedroom community that sits on the West Fork of the White river south of Fayetteville. We live on a bluff above one of the city’s most popular gathering places, Riverside Park. It has a playground and a pavilion, but in the spring and early summer, the primary attraction is the swimming hole. The bluff is easy to climb and varies in height so that both the timid and the adventurous can find a good jumping spot. I love to take the short trail behind my house down to the top of the bluff and take pictures of the kids jumping off (I myself am not brave enough to join in). West Fork also has a very successful recycling center run entirely by volunteers, and a small farmers market on Saturdays that is just getting started. The Little Ole Oprey draws good crowds for Bluegrass and gospel concerts. The city also throws a festival every fall called West Fest next to the train tracks that run by city hall.

P.S. – Getting Married in West Fork? Did you know I offer a discount for weddings here in town? Contact me for details!

To see some images I have taken around town, visit my West Fork gallery

And check out town’s new blog, The West Fork Zeypher!

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