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Why should you go to a Bridal Fair?

For people planning a wedding, the task of hunting down inspiration and then the vendors to pull off your ideas can be pretty daunting. The internet is a great resource for wedding planning (and one I used pretty heavily for my own wedding) but nothing beats the experience you get when visiting with wedding vendors in person. However, unless you have an unlimited budget of time, you can’t just go from shop to shop all around town to visit each one – that would take forever! But what if there were a place where you could get a glimpse into the best wedding vendor’s shops, check out their style, sample the products and talk to real people all in one place? Well that is what Bridal shows are for! These shows go out of their way to make the bride feel special, and you will be surrounded by people who want to hear all about your wedding and give you lots of free samples and valuable info.  Even if you’ve already chosen you vendors, the cost of admission is worth it just for the experience – and it makes a great girls day out with your mom or bridesmaids.

Want to get in on the fun? The largest bridal show of the year for Northwest Arkansas is this Saturday, January 15th at the Springdale Convention Center. I will be there with some sweet treats, drawings and booking incentives so come by and see me at the NWAbride Premier Showcase!

Look for my very colorful new sign at the bridal show!