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Friends and Fashion Portrait Party

Wow, did I ever have fun a few weekends ago hosting a Portrait Party at my studio! It has taken me a while to do a blog post because I couldn’t decide which pictures to post – I have so many favorites! What is a portrait party you may ask? Only the most super-fun party idea ever: 2-3 hours with your friends rummaging around in the prop room, dressing up in your favorite outfits with accessories from the studio, and getting awesome portraits of you and your friends. Here are some of my favorites from the session:

Nothing says fashion model like a big floor fan and sheer scarves!

Such lovely young ladies.

We laughed so much during the party my gut was sore afterwords!

We get lots of fun and silly shots, but also make sure to get some nice ones too.

We made saris out of fabric from the prop room for a very unique image.

I was trying to have an equal number of images of each girl in this post, but I really love this shot and just had to include it!

I can’t wait to do another portrait party! They work for many age groups including bachelorette and teens and can be customized to a theme of your choice. I am so glad I had the chance to spend an afternoon with these awesome ladies 🙂

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ACH Fall Carnival

Arkansas Children’s Hospital hosted their 3rd Annual Fall Carnival at the Pauline Whitaker Horse Pavillion on October 26. This event provides a safe place for kids to dress up, play games and get lots of candy and prizes while also raising money for the hospital. It was a lot of fun to photograph the event, and I thought I would share some of my favorite images from the event. You can see all the images in this gallery.


The U of A Diamond Dolls were on hand to help raffle off the "Crooked House" playhouse.

The play house was Razorback themed “Kids Crooked House”  and sponsored by New Corp.



The face painting station. I love the very serious supervision this girl is getting from her friend!

These kids are totally amazed by the magician!

Fun in the bouncy house.

I am a big fan of making costumes, and these were 2 of my favorites. The one on the left is inspired by the movie "the Birds"- retro dress, shoes and handbag, and big black birds "attacking" her. The peacock on the right was gorgeous in person and very detailed. She had real peacock feathers in a fan on her back and as a hair piece. The blue leotard and tutu were topped off with a glittered mask. So pretty!

One of the most popular booths at the carnival was Shag Salon's hair painting station. The kids absoutely loved getting colored streaks sprayed in thier hair!