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Arkansas vs. Bama Tailgating Party

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This past weekend was a big one for the Arkansas Razorbacks (as anyone with a TV and even a vague interest in football was aware of). The folks at Cox Communications, the official game day sponsors, asked me to take pictures at their Tailgating party hosted at Georges Majestic Lounge. It was a great event and featured live music, giveaways, door prizes and loads of awesome food provided by Southern Hospitality catering.  There were even custom beverages like “Bloody Tides” and “Wooo Pig Sooies” available at the bar. A great time was had by all!

Cox Communications threw a great party! These are some of the foam footballs used as party favors.

Cute cupcakes with a great message. I guess we should have taken some over to the stadium for the football team 😉

Having a great time at the tailgating party!

Just a little of the fantastic spread from Southern Hospitality. There was also just about every kind of meat typically associated with tailgating cook-outs. Yum!

Folks not from Arkansas may wonder what kind of strange ritual is going on in this picture, but locals know you have to call the Hogs before a big game. WOOOO PIG SOOOIE, Razorbacks!

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I'm a recent PhD graduate at the University of South Florida in Tampa where my research focus was on developing accessible approaches to geology field work for students with disabilities, and Volcano Geophysics. I'm also a professional photographer (www.steeyjoestudio.com) and a board member of the Int. Association for Geoscience Diversity (theIAGD.org).

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