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Train Ride with Circle of Life Hospice

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It is a rare occasion that I get to post some of the images from the volunteer work that I do with Circle of Life Hospice. That is because hospice work requires a large amount of sensitivity to the folks in the photograph. I have been honored to be there to document some of the important events at the Hospice, and participate in their program that offers patients what could be the last portrait session with their loved ones. The most recent event I got to tag along for was a train ride for a patient who had always wanted to ride on a train, and never had the chance. The people at Arkansas and Missouri Railroad came through big time with not just a train ride, but a private ride in the first class car for her and her family. It was a short run from Springdale to Rogers, but she enjoyed it so much! Since the newspaper and TV reporters tagged along, this is one of the events that I can share some images from.

I am blessed to be a tiny part of what Circle of Life does for people, and this special event for a patient is just the tip of the iceberg on all the ways they help people.

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I'm a recent PhD graduate at the University of South Florida in Tampa where my research focus was on developing accessible approaches to geology field work for students with disabilities, and Volcano Geophysics. I'm also a professional photographer (www.steeyjoestudio.com) and a board member of the Int. Association for Geoscience Diversity (theIAGD.org).

One thought on “Train Ride with Circle of Life Hospice

  1. Anita,
    What a wonderful opportunity and momentous occasion for the family! I know the family truly cherished this day!

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