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Nubia and John’s Wedding

Nubia and John were married June 19th at St. Stephen Catholic Church in Bentonville, AR.  The reception was held at the Embassy Suites in Rogers. It was a beautiful multi-cultural celebration that managed to merge the traditions of two countries into one event. I think I took more pictures at this wedding than I have at any wedding so far! The reception had so many things to take pictures of including a 10-piece mariachi band and lively dance floor. Needless to say it will take me a little time to get through all the images, but here are a few of my favorites thus far:

I think this image is beautiful for the subject, not because of any technical skill. The bride and groom are bound together with an ornamental lariat as they kneel in the church.

St. Stephen is such a pretty church - just look at those windows!

The new Mr. and Mrs. Hutchinson outside the church.

This was at the end of the first dance.

This has to be the most clever bouquet toss I have ever seen. Nubia tossed what looked like a large bouquet, but in the air it broke in to many little bouquets. The reaction from the waiting girls was great!

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Samantha & Josh’s Wedding

Samantha and Josh were married this past Saturday at Calvary Freewill Baptist Church in Springdale. The reception was at Magnolia Gardens Inn. It was a beautiful day and a beautiful event. The band Ultrasuede played the reception and rocked the house.  I was once again assisted by Jodean for this wedding and as always, she did a great job. I will post some of my faves from her soon. My hubby Ed also helped out, but I have not had a chance to look through his images yet. Here are a few of my favorites so far:

This cute little flower girl was very camera shy, but she sure did look cute coming down the aisle.

Since the church was so close to the reception site, the newlyweds rode in the carriage to Magnolia Gardens.

A detail shot of the pretty fondant flowers on the bride's cake.

The happy couple.

This has to be one of my favorite shots of the day! The triumphant bouquet-catcher makes a break for it!

I will be posting some more on my Facebook page when I work through the rest of the images.

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Samantha’s Bridal Session

Samantha’s Bridal portraits were done about a month ago at Magnolia Gardens Inn in Springdale. Since the wedding was yesterday, I can finally share some of my favorites. You can see more on my Facebook page (see the link on the right). My usually reflector holder/train fixer (a.k.a my hubby Ed) was not available, but the brides mom did a great job filling in! There were so many blooming trees and bushes on site that it was easy to find really nice settings.

We did a few shots inside the beautiful historic Inn and this shot was done using the very polished bar wooden bar top.

I like this picture because is has a sort of fairy tale look to it.

When I saw this gorgeous tree along the side of the house, I knew we had to use it in a shot. I had to do a little photo stitching to get the whole curve of the tree branch, but it turned out nice!

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Cindy and Ken’s Wedding

The first week of June, the first of my June brides walking down the aisle. Cindy and Ken were married June 5th at Colonial Court Celebrations at Bentonville. They had a lovely outdoor ceremony and then moved indoors for the reception. The decor for this wedding was beautiful to the last detail, and the bride and her family did it all themselves! You can see a photo of the decor on my Facebook page. Cindy and Ken are such a friendly couple and were great about humoring me on some unusual portrait ideas. It was a great start to the June wedding season.

The beautiful bride emerges for the ceremony. The large wide stairs off the back patio made for a dramatic entrance.

Another one of my experiments with panoramic photo-stitching. It's neat because you can see the whole wedding party as well as Colonial Court in the background. I wish the sky was more interesting, but there was not a single cloud in the sky!

Cindy wanted to use the nearby barn for our bride-and-groom portrait session. This was one of the more creative portraits we did.

Since there is a catwalk style hallway upstairs, I did some of the "first dance" pictures from up there. I love how focused on each other they are in this image.

As we were leaving, I saw this great car in the parking lot and asked who it belonged to. Thanks to a very accommodating wedding guest, we had the car moved around front and got some cool sunset portraits.

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Kristi & Brad’s Engagement shoot

This past Friday I met up with Kristi and Brad for an engagement shoot. They are planning their wedding long distance from Texas so we took advantage of a rare weekend when they would be up here to do the engagement portraits. Since the wedding will be out at Devil’s Den, that is where we met up. I am looking forward to photographing their wedding at the end of the month, as they have some very creative ideas on how to put their own unique signature on their wedding!

We noticed that the canoes had been left out on the little pond by the spillway, so we used that as one of our first settings. It was much harder than it looked to get them both in the same end of a canoe without tipping!

This image was taken at one of the picnic tables near the pond.

The waterfall/spillway is a great place for portraits. There was not much water flowing, so I thought we needed a little more interest, hence the splashing!