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Introducing Photographer Jodean Brannan

I had some very talented help capturing the events of Thuy and Erin’s wedding in the form of a new second shooter, Jodean Brannan. She has a great eye and is especially gifted when photographing small children. Here are some of my favorite of her images:

What a great shot! It looks like they are all alone in a garden (they are actually on the sidewalk to Cooper chapel).

See what I mean about her and kids? This is one of the little guests at the wedding reception.

How do you get a shot of the bride during the boquet toss if she is standing on the edge of a fountain? If you are Jodean, you leap the 3 foot span of water to the center and climb partway up the statue 🙂 Talk about being dedicated to your images!

Jodean hard at work. Getting onto the center island was the easy part, getting off of it was a lot harder, especially when expensive camera equipment was involved. But she did it!

If you have a wedding or event coming up and would prefer the 2-photographer approach, talk to me about adding a second shooter to your package! You always get a more comprehensive coverage with 2 people, and the second shooter usually has  more freedom to get the creative shots while the lead photographer covers the “must-have”  images. Want to see more of Jodean’s images? Check out her website,  jodeanbrannanphotography.wordpress.com

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Thuy & Erin’s Wedding

Thuy and Erin were married Saturday at Mildred B. Cooper Chapel in Bella Vista. The weather was not great with rain moving in and out, but we did manage to use the moments when it was not raining to do some outdoor portraits. The reception was at Table Mesa on the Bentonville Square – the first wedding reception ever hosted at that venue. I was joined on this shoot by an amazing up-and-coming photographer named Jodean Brannan. She got some fantastic images which I hope to showcase soon! In the meantime, here are a few favorites that I took:

This was taken as Thuy was setting out for the chapel from the changing room. It seems the rain didn't bother her at all - look at that big happy smile!

The azaleas and flowering trees looked really great and made for some wonderful portraits.

This was the first reception Table Mesa hosted, and I think it won't be the last - they did a great job.

The first dance.

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Spring engagement sessions in Bentonville and War Eagle

This past Saturday was a busy day with both a morning and afternoon engagement session. In the morning I met up with Leslie and Drew at the Bentonville square. We did some pictures around the square and then headed over to Bogle Park to finish up. They will be getting married October 16 in Rogers. And hats off to Drew for showing up to a morning portrait session after spending most of the night at work and still giving a good smile 🙂

Bogle Park - the grass was just barely dry enough to make this work!

It may be a little cheesy, but when I saw this cute mural on the side of the Ghiradeli Chocolate office, the first thing I though of was using it for an engagemnt portrait.

Ed and I had some great burgers at the Station Cafe on the Bentonville square and then headed out to War Eagle to meet up with Jennifer and Justin. It was a beautiful day to be at War Eagle, and apparently a whole bunch of other people felt the same way because it was really busy out there. We just had to be mindful of the background and wait for people to clear out before taking the shot. Add to that the occasional gusts of wind that were playing havoc with the reflector and Jennifer’s hair, and patience was definatley the word for shooting at War Eagle!

Nothing says "spring" like a flowering tree and this one made an ideal setting with the little rock wall.

War Eagle has huge open fields that are only used twice a year for craft fairs. At the edge of one we found this nice tree-lined isle that was people-free.

A big “thank you” to both couples who have been patiently waiting on this blog post while I was away at a conference in Branson!