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1st Bridal Fair at Cherokee Casino West Siloam Springs

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This past Saturday was the first-ever Bridal Fair put on by Cherokee Casino in Siloam Springs. It was the first show I had ever heard of that was free for brides AND vendors. They just contacted the vendors they wanted and asked them to come. I am glad I was one of the selected vendors, because I think the show was a success and a good start for future bridal events at the facility. If you have not been inside the casino, it is truly spectacular. The outside is very pretty with huge stained glass windows and a waterfall. And when you walk inside, it feels like you just jumped a few states over to Nevada! I had lots of fun, despite still trying to get over a sinus infection, and met several new (to me) vendors and lots of brides-to-be.

One of the vendors, Adonis Salon, was doing free hair styling at their booth. I could not pass that up, so I had my mom watch the booth, and got my hair done. I had forgotten how spiffy getting a fancy hairdo can make you feel!

Blast from the past carriages was in the booth across from mine, and brought their "mascot" who rides in the carriages with them to many events. I was using my little pocket camera and could not get a pic without eye-glare, but I still wanted to post the image because he is a cute doggie!

My mom took this picture of me showing off my albums and books. The wrought-iron benches are a real pain to haul to a show, but a nice seating area really encourages people to sit and browse.

After the fair was over, we ate at Flint Creek Steakhouse inside the casino. A few months ago I won a certificate for dinner for 2 at a networking event and finally got around to using it. The food was awesome, and we had enough leftovers for another full meal. I was going to take pictures of the very nicely plated food, but when it got to the table, I just started eating and forgot all about pictures! 🙂

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I'm a recent PhD graduate at the University of South Florida in Tampa where my research focus was on developing accessible approaches to geology field work for students with disabilities, and Volcano Geophysics. I'm also a professional photographer (www.steeyjoestudio.com) and a board member of the Int. Association for Geoscience Diversity (theIAGD.org).

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